A New Era for Workforce Development: Instill Education’s District-Empowerment Ghana Pilot

As we grapple with significant learning setbacks induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s evident that African education systems urgently require innovative, scalable, and impactful solutions. The learning deficit suffered by African students has been exacerbated by a ‘business-as-usual’ approach in the post-pandemic teaching landscape, where learning pace is only half of what it used to be pre-pandemic.

At Instill Education, we firmly believe that tackling this crisis necessitates a fundamentally different approach. Enter our exciting new partnership with the Ghana Education Service. The three-month pilot project, set to transform professional development for approximately 12,000 educators in the Shai Osudoku and Akuapem South districts, is a novel initiative aimed at placing district-level workforce upskilling at the forefront of the educational recovery agenda.

The mission is simple: empower school districts to amplify their workforce’s skills, aligning with national education development priorities at an unprecedented scale. This effort will address the immediate crisis, develop educators to meet the unique needs of learners and lay a robust foundation for the future of education in Africa. The pilot project aligns with the heart of our ethos at Instill Education – to facilitate the necessary changes to reshape the educational landscape.

Our recently launched Upskill App (available for download on Google Playstore) functions as the central catalyst for this district-wide transformation. This digital platform delivers more than just content; it forges a vibrant, interactive virtual community. Here, teaching professionals can acquire and hone essential skills, fostering confidence in their abilities and, ultimately, enhancing classroom effectiveness.

Whilst empowering teachers, the Upskill App’s also enhances the capabilities of District Education Managers, School Leaders, and School Improvement Support Officers (SISOs) in Ghana. The tool enables them to monitor and gain valuable insights into teachers’ online learning outcomes, driving a dynamic, data-driven education environment. It equips them with the tools needed to identify professional development gaps and recognize key talents in their workforce, positioning them to support system goals better and develop others effectively.

Why Ghana? The nation’s education system, steeped in rich tradition, is at a critical juncture. Our previous engagements with over 40,000 Ghanaian teachers revealed a critical need for enhanced support in creating effective Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at the school and circuit levels supported by district leadership. This need aligns perfectly with our pilot’s objective to provide an all-encompassing, data-backed platform for district-wide upskilling.

Our commitment to delivering quality, evidence-based content ensures that these skills and tools can be applied immediately in the classroom, across a school, and throughout a district. Importantly, Upskill provides valuable data at the school, circuit, and district levels, enabling education leaders to understand and support professional development within their schools more comprehensively.

This pilot project sets out to energize professional development activities, stimulate the frequency and efficacy of PLCs, foster awareness of best pedagogical practices, and ultimately boost teacher and school leader effectiveness. It’s more than an isolated initiative; it’s a blueprint for sustainable, district-led, teacher development.

The insights and learnings from this pilot will influence our approach to technology-enhanced education, setting the stage for a future of learning in Ghana and beyond. As we embark on this transformative journey, we eagerly invite your support and engagement.