Instill Education: Upholding Human Rights for Every Student

As we celebrate Human Rights Day, and the progress South Africa has made, we are reminded that the right to education is not just a basic human right: it’s the most effective way for any country to create positive change for its citizens and to build a bright, productive future for all.

Teachers are at the Heart

At Instill Education, we believe that teachers are integral to this process, particularly those that can inspire and motivate students to challenge the status quo and address injustices. These teachers are at the heart of the movement for positive change, and the better we can make them, the more effective they will be at helping to build that brighter future.

Positive Transformation

Our mission is to positively transform teaching and learning in every classroom. We want to create an inspired generation of educators who can empower students to think critically, flex their creative muscles, and do so with compassion. 

By arming teachers with the training and tools they need to succeed in the classroom, we intend to create a generation of South Africans who will continue to challenge, and address, the inequalities that still exist in our country.

Addressing Social Concerns

We have long been inspired by the constitutional mandate to uphold the right to quality education for all citizens. 

We firmly believe that by training high-quality teachers, we’re not only addressing social concerns like poverty and inequality, we are creating a new generation of leaders who can make positive progress on these issues by standing up for their own rights, and the rights of others.

Proud to play our Part

And because we’re such passionate educators, we here at Instill Education are proud to be a part of this movement for positive social change. As such, we refuse to believe that some students are destined to succeed while others are not; we reject the notion that good education is a luxury that only a few can afford; and we point-blank refuse to accept that “good enough” is good enough. 

So, on this Human Rights Day, we celebrate the phenomenal transformative power that education, and educators, have to create positive change in our society. 

You’re Invited

We invite all South Africans to join us in this movement to build a future where every student has access to quality education, where every teacher is passionate and empowered to inspire, and where every citizen continues to champion their own rights as well as the rights of others.

Happy Human Rights Day, South Africa.