Instill Education offers degree programmes, and a free online professional development platform called Upskill supporting educators wherever they are in their education journey.

Upskill @ Instill

Are you a teacher or a school leader looking to grow?

Instill Education's game-changing mobile app offers self-paced, bite-sized online modules that can help you address the challenges in schools and classrooms immediately. Our platform has now been launched as an Android app, making it even more accessible to educators across Africa. More than 50,000 teachers have already enrolled for our professional development modules and joined a pan-African community of peers and experts who provide support and feedback along the way.
All modules are aligned with national standards set by the South African Council for Educators, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, and Ghana National Teaching Council.

Degrees @ Instill

Want to earn your degree through Instill?

We offer a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Foundation Phase Teaching. This is currently only available to aspiring students in South Africa. It is available in both 1-year full-time (contact) or 2-year part-time (online) modes, and with two cohorts per year starting in February and July. We are proud to be one of only two institutions in South Africa that offer this programme, which is fully accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). We are working with our regulatory partners to launch additional accredited teacher education programmes both in South Africa and across the continent (for our friends in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria please watch this space!).


UNESCO projects a shortage of 17 million teachers by 2030 across the African continent. Traditional higher education approaches won't be able to meet the challenge. Africa needs a revolution in skills and professional development for educators.

Transformative teaching:

Transformative teaching and school leadership will have an unparalleled influence on student outcomes, setting the continent on an upward trajectory.

Research driven education:

We've taken a research-informed approach to upskilling, uplifting and empowering new and existing educators.

Best in class:

Our blended in-person and online programmes offer best-in-class professional development, coaching, training and supporting of educators throughout their career.

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Education as a career provides the greatest platform to enact social justice and real-world impact on a daily basis.

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Said teachers helped them
through tough times in life

A teacher will impact

children in the course of their career

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We seek to help educators make a real impact in their classrooms everyday by providing them with lifelong support and development, to help them realise both their personal and professional goals.

Education truly is the most powerful tool Africa has to transform society by starting in every home. Teachers are not just the conduit through which education takes place, but when they are supported in their roles, there is a direct impact on improved student outcomes.


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Our mission is to transform education in every classroom in Africa. Our values are to do this through community, with courage and justice and a commitment to seeing equity take root on the continent. We are witnessing this transformation happening every day. You can read about some of our success stories here:


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